Thursday, December 23, 2010

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

How trying to save the world got me accused of a crime I would never do

Upon making the choice to move to California at the start of this year I knew my family and I would be in for an adventure of new experiences and new people but never in a million years could I have fathomed what is happening to us now. My name is Savion Hays and I am a strong willed entrepreneur that believes that through creation instead of competition we can change our world for the better and help a lot of people out while we are doing that.  I carried this same concept with me to Clearlake California in hopes of using the same plant Snoop Dogg is famous for to create a cancer curing agent. But before I get into all the greatness of the Cannbis/Hemp plant let me tell you all the story that has me fearing for my well being, the well being of my beautiful fiance Tasha, and my amazing 2 year old son.

February 13th-24th my fiance, my former artist Jayne Dooe, and I went on the adventure of a life time chasing the California dream hoping to change our stars and create some wealth. Starting off in Inglewood my family and I ended up in Orange County, Huntington Beach to be precise and we loved it.  While we were residing in Huntington Vista apartments we met a group of people from Clearlake California who we be befriended for now we will call them Nig (the nick name his friends gave him for being the only "Black Guy" in the area), Abby, and Sandrea.  The relationship we built with these people through May-July was great, at first we all hung out at the hot tub, smoked A LOTTA weed together,  even trusted them to be with our son as Uncles and Aunts.

Aside from the chronic drinking every night, the loud screaming and partying every night, the cops getting called on them by our other neighbors, and the leasing office wanting them to leave, instead of eviction because they were causing so many problems they were great people. I guess legally selling millions of dollars worth of Cannabis legally with Nig distracted me from the fact that these people from Northern California really didn't care to much for others especially after what they did to Sandrea. Any who

The pool in our back yard

Huntington Beach Pier this is where I did my first rally preaching how we can save the planet

My lil man riding his camel grand ma got him while she was over in Kuwait

After these people left the apartment complex, things got pretty quite at Huntington Vista and went back to normal. My family and I began to fall on hard times financially. I had to end relationships with the client I had to make sure I had my share of the rent. Not because I wanted to they were great people I just personally didn't feel comfortable marketing the sell of Cannabis and Alcohol in a public location.... not at this time at least.

Lounge 420. The first Cannabis nightclub in Beverly Hills

My mother who is a 20 year Army Vet and current gov worker had been helping us since day one of our trip.  My fiance was working at Express at Westminster Mall making a whoping 8.25 an hour ( not enough to pay our 1217 plus utilities a month). I had been working on developing business relations with a group of people that came out from Montana and opened up a great Collective in Costa Mesa.

After months of pushing new ideas to the owner of the collectives I had one that really interest him, but maybe I should of listened when he said to stay in OC and not leave because of the eviction. (Robert a very wise man).  I have been telling all the new friends I made in HB about the friends I met when I first got here and how they had all this land in Northern California with access to a number of huge grows and how Nig was with the plan I had told him about and all I needed was people to buy crop legally and Nig and I would have been making a killing together. The plan I developed successfully maximized the market of medical cannabis so that some of the funds may be used to begin to do things that the current medical establishment couldn't....start curing people.
15 foot tall Cannabis trees. I only had my camera phone and it was dark. Used light room to make the trees as visible as I could
Can you blame me though I started my entertainment company at 14 and I had been doing immense research on how people like The Rockerfellers built their wealth during the industrial revolution, I discovered and industry that could not only make me and my family rich but many others who are currently struggling because of the recession.

Well the day finally came when the Sheriff came to the apartment and served the eviction notice. I read the notice wrong and i thought we had more time, but of course they didn't care we had a few hours to get everything out and into a storage.  Thank God for my homie Carlos "Spanky" Hayes yall know the funny dude from Nick Cannons Wildin Out, he helped me get everything out the apartment and to the storage place in Huntington Beach. So after saying good bye to apartment 13 =( my family and I had to retreat to a hotel and begin planning our next move. For the next few days my fiance and I discussed weather or not to try and stay in OC with the help of social services, go back home to Virginia where we still have our house, or go to Clearlake and tackle this new challenge and make thousands of dollars in a month from what would have been a 1.9 million dollar deal with Nig and his growers and me and my buyers at the Collective.

First Eviction notice and last one too
Snapshot from my FB messages back in July we were talking about going up there

A brand new start I could pay my mother back all the money she helped us with on the trip, I could get a nice place to live by the beach with my family ,begin putting money back into YD Entertainment from the year that was wasted with my last project, and start living the dream so I thought.


Well GOD had different plans. Like I said before this is a situation that I couldn't have fathomed even with my vast imagination of space travel and living on Mars within the next 20 to 30 years so the exact dates are foggy. Nig is what I would call an amateur scam artist, stealing from his job in Orange County to furnish his apartment, using the elderly to get paid from IHSS, and using the money to keep Abby Happy.

Old Happy Abby the girl that got her friends dog high to the point he cant walk with his tongue hanging out his mouth "Dolceeeeeeee" dogs name by the way .  Oh yea and making Sandrea find a place with no money and informing her days before they were to leave that her and Nig were no longer staying in HB and going back to Clearlake. Ol Abby who suggested we come to clearlake, miss "FUCK YERRRRR FACE" BUT her dad was a mega grower guess the green blinded me

Things were honky dorry for a while in Clearlake. Apparently Nig told all his family and friends about us and man were they anxious to see my son. 8 hours of the city light leaving and trees and small roads appearing, never have I been so nervous driving in my life then through the windy roads of Nor Cal country side. September 4th we left the Econo Lodge that stole our 100 dollars and headed to Clearlake. We arrived around 2:15am-2:30am heading to the house we had been told we would be sharing with an Elderly gentleman we will call Carvin....WAIT we were then told that Nig had not yet cleaned the room for us so we would be staying in his room for a few days at his grandmothers that was about a five minute drive away. Driving through the dark country side we end up at the other house to a group of people partying and drinking. We stepped out the car shook hands and gave hugs to our new Northern California family and they began to leave (we took to long to get there).

The grandmothers kitchen. I took a picture because I was proud of how I cleaned the kitchen and sent it to my mother!
After all we went through all we wanted to do was medicate on the ounce of Casey Jones Trim, Pure Kush, and True OG that I had brought up from Costa Mesa and GO TO SLEEP.  Things were cool for the next few days, besides the constant attack of the flies in the room and in the house, the sharing of Nigs grandmothers bathroom because one of Nig's drunk friends we'll call Effanee got to fucked up on alcohol and pills she got from Nig broke the hot water handle in the shower in Nigs bathroom, and the neighbors screaming at Nigs huge dogs Jordon (A male Scooby Doo) and Becky his St Bernard, things were cool. The slow pace was needed after the face pace of change we went through from Feb-Sep
My lil man went through my wallet and threw my card to the dogs lol

A good thing cant last for ever right.... The day things began to get rocky was on Sep 17th. My fiance is a socialite she hates being in the house and after playing house mommy for two years she didn't want to just sit in a room in the country and do nothing.  She went out with Abby a hour and a half away to Santa Rosa stopping on the way to pick up Efanee. The original plan was for Abby to get her nails done but turned into going to the Olive Garden because 30 minutes was wasted on Abby having to take Nigs mom some money for a TV.  That day Brandon and I spent it chilling in the room, eating, and I medicated a few times with Nigs bong on the porch enjoying the sunshine. As night rolls around we all end up on the porch (my fiance,Nig, and Abby) medicating but Abby and Nig were arguing again. That day Nig had got Abby some flowers which she just tossed away"according to my fiance"

And boy they had the argument of arguments that night 

Abby " you're lucky we didn't go shopping today because I had your card and Carvin's card"
Nig " You're the cause of all my problems"

And this went on for about 10 minutes until my fiance and I vacated into the bedroom with our son and went to sleep. The next morning my fiance wakes up to a text message from Abby asking if she took Efanees mother lip ring out of the bathroom when they stopped at her house before they went to Olive Garden.
Before I continue I must emphasize how NASTY that is, my girl would never do that. One my fiance removed her lip ring months ago and two ughhhh no disrespect to mountain folks but we come from a place where we are germaphobes, she definately would not do that. 

Anyways my fiance responded no of course and asked Abby for Efanees number so she can let her know woman to woman that she didn't steal from her or her mother. Efanee ignored her phone calls and then popped up to the house a few minutes later. My fiance then proceeded to walk towards her as she walked up to the house and as my fiance was in mid talk Efanee so rudely disregarded her and continued into the house. I'm looking out of the door to see what is going on and I get very disturbed on how Efanee disrespected my fiance. I then follow Efanee into the house and get to the open bathroom door where Abby was doing her make up and they were whispering about the situation. I told both of them that my fiance would not do that and it was extremely rude how Efanee disregarded some one in that fashion.

 Abby proceeds to raise her voice and I return her loudness with loudness until my fiance came and got me and said leave it alone. After the situation happened and both girls left Abby texted my fiance saying we could leave because Efanee is at the house more than we are. Understandable these are Nigs friends but you have to give respect to get it. I then responded to Abby expressing my concern about Nigs former job at the mortuary, how Clearlake is infested with Tweakers "Meth Addicts", and if they felt we were there to hurt them they could do anything to my girl, my son, and I. This is where things began to go down hill.

Nigs TV thats pretty much all we did for the next few days

Over the next few days things were quite. Nig didn't come around as much and my fiance was telling me to talk to him to see if he was mad about the minor argument between myself and his friends. When I finally saw him he seemed unscathed by the situation not even mentioning it  so I left it alone. On the 23rd of September Nig finally texted me out of no where (after days of not seeing him or talking to him) saying we can move into Carvins and that he will drop off an air mattress (which he stole from his former job as well). The mattress never came and the next morning I went outside and there it was in the dirt with leaves and all kinds of crap on it. 

Now that's no way to treat guest, when they came to visit us in HB before they went to Vegas we offered them great hospitality

Any who no skin off my teeth we already began cleaning Carvins house which was DISGUSTING beyond belief, a few leaves and dust won't kill me. So from the 23rd until the 27th my fiance and I were cleaning Carvins house from top to bottom. Our EBT didn't re up yet so we only had about 50 dollars for food but with that money we bought groceries and cooked a home made meal for ourselves and Carvin.

Carvin is a nice 85 year old gentleman that Nig was stuck taking care of after his daughter in law passed. Nig was the care taker for Carvins daughter in law and after her passing she left him the deed (so he says) and her PT Cruiser (so he says). 

The up keep of this house was nasty. Doggy piss pads that sat in the middle of the floor for days and got dried out by Carvin turning on the heat, Cat hair and dog hair in every nook and cranny of the home. How do you get cat hair in the fridge, in the cabinets, on every piece of furniture, literally no exaggeration it was cat hair in ABUNDANCE every where. Lets not get on the bathroom floor it took about 5 coats of bleach just to get the smell of concentrated animal urine off of the floor and counters. This is what Nig called cleaning moping with a dirty mop with animal pee water, and getting the automatic air fresheners to try and mask the nasty smell. Every dish in the house might as well came from a post apocalyptic because they were ugh. Even after being released from the hospital with a Bartholin Cyst "look this up and you will see how painful these are for woman" that had to be drained my fiance found it in her heart to clean up the filth the infested this mans home.

I liked Nig and I just couldn't fathom why and how he allowed for this house to become like this. I understand he was under a lot of stress, his father passed away and his family put all the pressure on him at 22 years old that is a big responsibility, but dude THERE WAS CONCENTRATE PISS AROUND THE BOTTOM OF THE TOILET.

Over the next few days we spent cleaning we took time out to get to know Carvin learning about his family history and becoming friends to an old man that hasn't had any real human connection for a long time. Things were slow but looking up the house became livable and after we finished every room we were going to tackle Carvins room but the unthinkable happened. On the morning of the 27th I went to Mc Donalds to use the internet (there was no internet in any of the houses) to figure out how I can get back in school (Full Sail University) because after the eviction I couldnt pay my tuition. Anywho I get a call from my fiance that Carvin is asking her about this mortgage that came that was 3 months late.

I dont know about you, but when I see something that says -$3500 in red that means you owe someone money. I went to back to the house took a look at Carvins US Bank Statement (upon his request) and immediately called Nig and texted him about it. After waiting for a while for him to respond I told Carvin I was going to call US Bank for him. Now like any good company before anybody can talk about your personal finances they must have permission which he gave the bank. They informed me he owed and it needed to be paid.

Carvin then began to tell me about all the shady stuff that happened while Nig was taking care of him and I then told him my knowledge of Nig allowing Abby to use his card and he has been using his money for stuff other than the bills. Purchases such as Twin Pine Casinos, and paying off traffic school. "On Nigs facebook he openly talks about driving 90 mph and killing deer with the car) not a surprise to me.

Long story short Carvin said that Nig wouldn't allow him to go to the bank to check his stuff and asked if I would take him. My fiance and I discussed the decision, she was adamant about leaving the situation alone but I couldn't sit back and watch this man get taken advantage of "should of kept my mouth closed". We packed the car up and took Carvin to Wells Fargo so he can discuss his money. The people there pulled up the account and asked Carvin if he made certain purchases or if Nig made certain purchases for him Carvins response was No to all of their questions. They then closed his current account opened him a new account and took Nig off of the account. The bank then told Carvin if he wanted his money back he had to file a police report, of course Carvin said he wanted to file charges, if you're an 85 year old man and you have been eating nothing put Banquet Tv Dinners and Sunny Delight since your daughter died and now you find out the person you trusted has been taking advantage of you, you would want to file charges too.

We then took Carvin to the police department they questioned all of us individually and everything seemed like it was everything was ok. Now I've experienced the street life for a long time and any time police get involved with ANYTHING people want to retaliate...correct? So we made the choice to stay in a hotel that night (which didnt make a difference) Clearlake is a very small town and everyone know everyone. That night I called the police to come to the hotel because it wasn't hard to find us and my fiance was scared out of her mind thinking the room would get shot up. They assured us everything was fine and to go get the restraining order like Officer Todd Miller suggested.

Clearly you can see two slice marks

The next day I go out side and not to my surprise my tire is sliced "Thank God for insurance". First I called the police and the lady on the line already knew what was going on and pretty much said it's nothing she can do. Uh HUMMM Miss Police lady I have not only a 2yr old but an elderly man with me and my fiance.  Geico fixed the tire and we went on our way to the restraining order place. Once we got there they listened to the story called the police station and told us that the officer wanted to see us. We went back to the station and after they told us that thinking they had a few more questions. WRONG!!!! How dare I believe in the justice system. Nig and his family and friends came up with a story out of left field saying that I threatened to kill his grandmother and that I was force feeding my 2 year old daughter (So the news paper article said FRONT PAGE) ;) Cannabis and the cops believed them.

William Brandon Dishroom RIP The reason I hate violence today. They took him so young 2 weeks before graduation
I got wrongfully accused of Criminal Threat and Elderly Abuse. WHAT THE FLYING FFFFFFFFFLIP!!!!! Since my brother was murdered in 2006 I have been an advocate for peace, and boy after California I became a new school hippie preaching that we can save the planet with Hemp. They also entrapped my fiance to saying that we were force feeding our son Cannabis well not admitting to it but we did medicate in the house with him regularly but was unaware that was illegal, so we told them if anything was in his system it is second hand but thank the lord nothing was in his system. SN: It takes two weeks for thc to leave the system THERE WAS NOTHING IN HIS SYSTEM!!!!

DUDE on top of that I created a company called HOPE (Hemp Offers People Everything). Man this is so bogus and ruining my life right now. I don't even want Nig and Abby to get introuble for purjury I just want this to be over man. Like seriously if i kept my mouth closed i would have had a lot of money right now from harvest. We'll see what happens hopefully they will see the real truth and do their jobs. All I wanted was for Carvin to be str8. Attorneys are so expensive how am I gonna get this done.